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Pat McLean is a Positive Team Builder

Pat McLean founded Positive Team Builders in 2010 with the intent of bringing her business team building experience to companies big and small.

She has thirty plus years of experience working in manufacturing, high tech, retail and staffing environments. She is passionate about improving the quality and experience of employees. A testament to her philosophy and skill, Paramount Staffing, with her guidance, received Best Place to Work in Illinois in 2007 and in 2009 Paramount was named as #21 Best Small Company to Work For in the U.S. She did them one better in 2012 achieving the #20 spot.

She brings a wealth of experience in employee relations, training and organizational development to her clients.


Myers-Briggs 100%
Strong Interest Inventory 100%
Great Place to Work Institute 100%


BS degree, Majors: Secondary Education, Spanish, Psychology.

Graduate studies in Guidance and Counseling.

Graduate studies in Business.