Spring Cleaning

If you’re like me, you had been waiting for Spring to be Sprung. It’s that time of year. Sun is out, flowers are blooming and we get the urge to clean closets and start new. Starting with my clothes, I have to face the fact that I may never again be a size 0 and

Much ADO About Yahoo!

Of course, you have heard all the noise about the decision of Yahoo’s CEO to eliminate all work at home, requiring everyone to report to local offices. All the uproar I have heard is about the outcry of employees who now have to modify and change and take on a commute or find childcare, etc.

Holiday Doldrums

Did you go from Ho-Ho-Ho to Ho-Ho-HUM? There is always a little letdown after the holidays. We can be on such a high over the holidays. Even if your holidays are great, they’re tiring with lots of running around, shopping, decorating, cooking and visiting. Don’t get me started on the tear down and packing away

The New Bullies

I conduct a seminar on Bullying in the Workplace.  Usually it refers to employees but I think in this labor market,  the new bullies are some employers.   I hear such horror stories every day about how potential employees are treated and what goes on with employees “lucky enough” to be employed.

Careless Whispers

I have always maintained that I could get anyone in an organization fired just by placing the right hints in the right ears.  It’s so easy to ruin someone’s career and reputation.  In my many years in HR, I have seen this kind of backbiting, gossip and hurtful behavior more times than I want to

Funny, but…

This is a funny cartoon but I have actually had managers and supervisors tell me this over the years.  “It’s not my fault I have a dysfunctional team, I inherited all these losers”.   We rarely have the opportunity to come in to a new position and start from scratch building the perfect team.

Customer Service

Customer service seems to be a thing of the past with self service becoming the norm today.  Since we all buy groceries, let’s use them as an example.    Some employees and customers became incensed when the self service lanes came into being.   Those wanting to use the self serve were sometimes harassed by