How We Work With You

OnSite Hours: It’s important to get into a company and understand the personality dynamics at play. We offer onsite hours as needed to get the pulse of our client’s office environment. Whether it’s organizational development, training, or employee relations, we have it covered. Happy employees mean good business.
Project Basis: We also operate on a project basis. Whether you are a new start up and want to put a strong team together or you want to take your group to the next level, we’re with you every step of the way.

Expanded Services

Education and Certification along with practical experience and success make us extremely qualified to help you with workplace issues.

Our clients may want to work toward a Best Place to Work award or want to improve the everyday atmosphere in their company.

Are you losing time and production due to petty disagreements?   Ever wonder why the office doesn’t run smoothly?

To understand what’s working and what’s going wrong, we start with an employee survey or a culture audit depending on the size of your company.  We follow up with employee interviews and meet with company leadership.  When we’ve put faces to the names and know the personalities at play, we can offer an honest assessment of what works and how to fix what’s wrong.

We help you define what you want your culture to be, what you want your company to be.  With thirty years of experience in various work environments, we can identify the needs and the problems facing your business team.

Employees make a difference.  Employee turnover and lawsuits can cripple a company. When they’re happy, customer service improves and they do a better job.  We believe in being proactive with our clients and their employee relations.  The success of Zappos, Southwest, Netfilx, and The Container Store show that happy employees mean good business.

We believe in getting to know your workers and communicating with them effectively and early, before any disputes or difficulties arise.  Whether it’s onsite or virtual HR, we make ourselves available to help you work through any employee issues.

An important part of building a team and improving communication is understanding the different personalities in play.  We use the tested tools of Myers-Briggs to understand those different personalities.  A simple 20 minute session per person will help us understand the personality types involved.

Inspired by the earlier work of Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs began developing their concepts of personality types in 1926.   The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was developed in 1942.  Their concept of personality types has become part of the lexicon today.

We use their tools to understand the personality dynamics at play.  Whether offices have a Data person, a Creative, or a People person, everyone can learn how to stretch themselves and improve understanding and communication.

Seminars & Training

This is a multi-session program covering all the topics that are important for first line supervisors. This basic course covers: Identifying your supervisory style Communicating with employees Employment laws Documentation Positive Discipline Conflict resolution Performance Appraisal Engaging your work group Preventing workplace violence.

Who attends: First Line Supervisors, Potential Supervisors

Everyone is familiar with sexual harassment and you would think we wouldn’t have these situations anymore but we do. It’s important to train everyone in your organization so they understand what constitutes sexual harassment and what to do if it happens. We review the basics and make sure everyone has a copy of your Anti-Harassment Policy. In addition to sexual harassment, we cover other forms of harassment that can result in a discrimination claim. Providing this training and documenting that you have done so, will help you if you do receive a claim.

Who attends: All employees

Note: Supervisors and Managers also need to receive training on what to do if they receive a complaint. This training will also cover the basics of conducting an investigation.

Conflict is part of human nature but there doesn’t have to be a winner or a loser. This workshop examines reasons for conflict and the five ways to handle conflict. We help you overcome the roadblocks to collaboration and show you how to come to a positive resolution. These principles apply with regard to internal conflicts and customer conflicts as well.

Who attends: All employees

This program transforms your ho hum service providers into engaged, positive promoters of your business and products. This interactive program trains employees on how to greet customers with a smile either on the phone or in person. They learn how to handle difficult situations and angry customers. We don’t forget the internal customers and we work through some workplace situations.

Who attends: All employees

Law training isn’t only for HR people. Every supervisor/manager/executive needs a basic understanding of the laws that impact the workplace.

Some of these laws are:





Do we make you into lawyers? No, the goal is for your managers to have enough knowledge to know when they might have a problem. It will happen and after the course, they will know who to report it to and what action to take or not take.

Who attends: Supervisors, Managers, Executives

Pat McLean and Positive Team Builders, LLC is one of a few outside consultants to be certified by Great Place to Work Institute to deliver this program. Research shows that engaged employees add revenue to the bottom line. Turnover is reduced and a trust builds between employees and your company. This program teaches you how to build that trust and have employees who are excited to show up every day. Whether you are an OK place to work and want to get to the next level or you want to compete for a place on the Best Places to Work lists, this program is for you.

Who attends: Supervisors, Managers, Executives

For the first time in history, we have four generations in the workplace.  In order for these four groups to work together, it is important to recognize the  differences among the groups in terms of motivation, lifestyle, learning styles and attitudes.  This program defines the differences and how to make them work to your advantage.  All generations bring important ideas to work– the key is to promote the positives for each group and help all of them understand and appreciate the differences.

Who attends:   All employees

The news is full of stories of violence in the work arena. Fired employees return seeking revenge. Abusive husbands come to the wife’s place of employment and hurt her and others who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With this program, I work in advance with company management to understand what policies and procedures are already in place. I work with the special needs and concerns of the company and then tailor the program. We talk about the early warning signs and what actions to take when confronted with a situation. We work together to identify some gaps in the company’s policies or procedures and have interactive conversation to come up with some suggestions on how to improve things for your future. We may even put together interested employees into an action committee. I will then follow up with the group to make sure the follow through plan is in practise.

Who attends: All employees with separate program for supervisors, managers and executives